Biggest Video Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you’re just starting your video-making career, there’s a good chance you will make the same mistakes as others before you without certain precautions. Without proper guidance, beginners are left on their own, and it can really take them a while to learn from their mishaps. This article will introduce you to (some of) the biggest video mistakes you’ll need to avoid in your amateur days. Once you’re finished reading it, we’re sure you’ll have an advantage over your peers.

#1 You’ve just started, and you don’t have a concrete goal

Here’s the main thing: you can’t simply start something without knowing where you want to end up in the end. For all we know, even a mildly defined goal is better than an undefined one. There’s no way you’ll reach your target audience, whomever that may be, without a message that will suit it. In short, just define your main intention and what you intend to accomplish by creating your video. Do you want to generate leads more successfully or gain more contact info from prospects? Whatever it is, you’ll want to build your video content around it. All in all: without a clearly defined goal, you’re starting off on the wrong foot, as they say.

Red and yellow darts

Before you shoot the video, ensure you know what you want to do with it

#2 You want perfection

Now, of course, you don’t want to appear unprofessional, something many businesses that use video marketing today seem to forget.  However, you also don’t want to worry about little production mistakes or oversights. As long as they don’t interfere much with the message you’re trying to convey. While striving for perfection is quite all right, acting religiously about it might slow you down. So give yourself a break! It’ll make you look more honest in your approach.

#3 Thinking that your audience will care by default

And here’s another mistake amateur videographers like to make: they simply assume their brand audience will care without giving them a good enough reason why they should do so. Also, if you show the video to your friends or coworkers, and they act all amazed and fascinated, that doesn’t automatically mean that those who view your video will act the same way. While the support of your peers is something without which most people can’t do their thing, being objective about it is very important. You need to make the video appealing and entertaining to your brand’s target audience. If your product is fun, make sure you’re doing a fun video, and make the best out of lighting, wardrobes, and every single prop you’ve got on your hands.

Also, your audience will need to be able to see the product’s usefulness. Therefore, make sure to come up with a video idea that revolves around the way the product you’re advertising could help solve some of the problems folks deal with. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try something new!

#4 Making a video that’s just too long

Trust us; you don’t want anyone to shout “Boring!” cynically in the middle of your video. That could mean you’ve made the video too long or just too uninteresting. Let’s focus on the video’s longevity first. As we all know, the attention span of contemporary audiences isn’t that large. Therefore, you won’t have much time to present your ideas. You should do away with any superfluous material that isn’t directly related to the main topic. Don’t try to cover up too much in one video. Make a follow-up that will tackle further topics.

A person yawning

You don’t want to bore your audience into ignorance.


#5 Making a video with bad sound quality

We probably don’t have to underline that sound plays a major role in the audience’s reception of your video. It will define the way they view it. So, you’re dealing with a big problem if viewers can’t understand the message you’re trying to get across – it will lead to low engagement and a not-so-positive experience en général. Here’s the thing: there are three critical variables you’ll have to consider when recording audio for your video:

  • The environment in which the recording takes place
  • Distance between the sound source and your microphone
  • Type of microphone you’re using to record the sound

Hiring an experienced sound engineer is your best bet; tell us the folks over at A professional will know how to juggle these variables in a way that makes your message loud and clear.

#6 Missing to include a compelling CTA (Call to Action)

Here’s another one of the biggest video mistakes you’ll want to avoid: not including a compelling CTA (Call to Action). The folks over at agree, as their experience in promoting their moving company showed the importance of a CTA. Once your viewers are done watching, they’ll want to know what to do next, and it’s your main task to tell them. In other words, you’ll need to send them to another place: a landing page, where they’ll have a chance to download an ebook, leaving their contact information, for instance. Trust us, you don’t want your audience wondering about what are the next steps.

#7 Using a shaky camera

Even though you’ve seen a lot of found-footage horrors and you’re totally in love with the genre, using a shaky camera to shoot a promotional video isn’t the best option out there. If you’re going for a professional look, stabilizing your camera is what you should do. You don’t want your audience to feel seasick while watching your video. Hiring a professional videographer might be your best bet.

Blurred lights

A shaky camera isn’t something you’d call professional.

#8 Forgetting to customize the video so it matches your brand

Last but not least, on our list of the biggest video mistakes you need to avoid, let’s talk a little about customizing your video so it matches your brand. If your goal is to familiarize viewers with your brand, there’s no reason why you should miss out on bringing iconic elements of your branding into the promotional clip. People need to know that it’s YOU!

Final words on the subject

That is our take on the biggest video mistakes you need to avoid. Hopefully, you’ve learned what’s there not to do in order to make a compelling (promotional) video. By following the tips we’ve shown you above, we’re pretty sure that you’ll make a product your audience will greatly enjoy. Until next time!

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