How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from Video Production Services


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including the way businesses operate. And one example here is the real estate sector. Since it became harder for homebuyers to travel and go to open houses, they turned to the internet for help. And this is the main reason why digital marketing has become a crucial part of the real estate business. Of course, there are many ways in which you can market your business online. Nevertheless, statistics show that video marketing is very effective. So, let’s find out more about how real estate agents can benefit from video production services.

Why is video content so important?

Studies show that human beings are more attracted to visuals than text. On the one hand, this is because our brains process visual content faster. On the other hand, in this fast-moving world, people don’t always have enough time and patience to read an entire article. Of course, this also applies to some types of visual content. For example, viewing an entire photo gallery or watching a long video can also be time-consuming. Therefore, people are more likely to watch a short video.


Why should you use video production services?

While it’s true that most people prefer watching videos rather than reading lengthy texts, the quality of the videos is also crucial. Things like image quality, lighting, and camera movement shouldn’t be ignored. They all influence the viewer. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into staging a home for sale or how beautiful the home is in reality. If you don’t film these features correctly, you won’t attract potential homebuyers. Therefore, you should consider hiring professional video production services.

A video production service provider preparing his equipment for shooting a video.

Professional video production services have the knowledge and equipment to create quality videos.


Building an online presence and attracting clients is how real estate agents can benefit from video production services

Just put yourself in the client’s shoes for a moment. Whenever you need something, the first thing you do is search for it on the internet. And you always look at the first search results. Nobody has time to go through ten pages of search results. Not to mention that as a client, you’re more likely to trust companies that rank higher. Therefore, building a significant online presence is essential for your real estate business.

As previously mentioned, there are many digital marketing strategies that you can use. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate the power of video content. Here are some of the benefits:


  • It helps you increase traffic on your website;
  • It improves your business’s online visibility;
  • It has SEO-boosting properties;
  • Google ranks video content higher;
  • It helps attract potential homebuyers;
  • It helps build client trust;
  • It helps increase your sales.

A person searching for something on Google.

Ranking high on Google is how real estate agents can benefit from video production services


What types of videos should a real estate agent create to attract clients and boost sales?

When you think about how real estate agents can benefit from video production services, the first thing that pops up in your head is increasing sales. And, of course, you are right. That’s the end goal. However, to achieve that, you must attract clients and build trust. And to do this, you should consider creating a variety of videos.

Company presentation video

You should start with a company presentation video to build your online presence and get potential homebuyers to trust you. This will help you connect with your clients on a personal level. Let them get to know you by talking about who you are, your education, how you decided to go into the real estate business, the professional experience you’ve gathered along the way, and the challenges you’ve overcome.


Customer testimonial videos

While on the topic of building client trust, you should also consider creating customer testimonial videos. As you probably know by now, building a solid customer referral base is essential for the success of any business. And the real estate sector is no different. Potential clients are more likely to seek out your services once they hear about your prior achievements. So, ask some of your clients if they would be willing to share their experiences in front of the camera. Don’t use scripts. Just ask them a few questions and let them speak freely.

A person filming a customer testimonial video.

Creating customer testimonial videos is a great way to build client trust

Caption: Creating customer testimonial videos is a great way to build client trust.
Alt-tag: A person filming a customer testimonial video.

Neighborhood presentation videos

Now that potential clients know and trust you, it’s time to get down to business. But before you start filming the properties you’re selling, you should create neighborhood presentation videos. After all, the motto of every real estate agent is Location, location, location. And potential homebuyers will highly appreciate an informative video such as this. So, you can include information about shops, restaurants, and schools in the area, access to public transport, crime rates, leisure activities, etc.

Property presentation videos

Of course, in the end, the property presentation video is the most important. After all, your goal is to sell real estate. As previously mentioned, the quality of these videos is essential. Therefore, you should think about hiring video production services. These professional videos will help your clients experience the feel and charm of the property, not just see the basic features. However, the advisors from NYC Mini Storage also recommend staging to get the best results.

When staging a home, you should collaborate with the owner. This is because the owner should take care of the necessary repairs, home updates, decluttering, and cleaning before listing. And don’t forget to remind the owner to depersonalize the property. This means all family photos, memorabilia, and collectibles must go.


Final touches

After the owner takes care of all these aspects, it’s time for you to make the final touches. As a real estate agent, you should invest in props. For example, you can buy some home decorations such as flower vases, lamps, and art pieces that you can reuse for staging future properties. Of course, you shouldn’t use the same props for every home because they have to match the interior design style. Therefore, you can rent commercial storage to put away the pieces you use for staging.



Nowadays, it’s impossible to have a successful business without building an online presence. And this also applies to real estate. Potential homebuyers search for real estate agents online. Therefore, you have to do everything in your power to rank high on search engines. One way to do this is by using video content. Now, if you want to attract clients and increase your sales, you should pay attention to the types of videos you create and their quality. And this is how real estate agents benefit from video production services.

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