Have you ever witnessed a recruit stumble through a grueling series of training and onboarding meetings? Do you think regular employee training sessions are a waste of time? Are your company’s training sessions simply ineffective? Then perhaps it’s time to analyze your training style and see where you can improve. Making the switch to training videos is one of the latest methods we’ve discovered. In recent years, many businesses have experienced the significant benefits of employing video to perform staff training. If this isn’t convincing enough, keep reading this article to find out why companies should start using training videos. Let’s go!

Enhanced Retention

The one thing that all corporations should understand is that the only currency that counts is knowledge retention. If your staff does not recall the material from training, you have squandered your time and money. Therefore, whatever staff training approach you choose, you should strive for optimal information retention. Your staff must be equipped to learn using visually appealing e-learning courses that prioritize retention.

Believe it or not, engaged viewers recall 95 percent of a video’s material on average. According to corporate e-learning, the effect of snowballing knowledge retention ranges between 25 and 60 percent. In addition, gamifying the material in videos is one technique to boost retention. Gamification in training videos has a higher potential for employee engagement and assists in retention, recollection, and application of learning sessions, which increases productivity. This is an excellent reason why companies should start using training videos.

Greater Engagement

It would be best to capture your employee’s attention from the start of the training and not let go for even a second. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you may imagine. Our minds are built to prefer pictures over words. Visually appealing training sessions may leave a more substantial impact than someone standing in front of a crowd and hammering them with words. Therefore, quality videos are more likely to capture employees’ attention and keep them interested in the subject of training. This is crucial since society’s average attention span is decreasing.

Thus, it would help if you made creating interesting video material for your company’s learning system a top priority. While training videos are a significant investment for employers, they allow employees to engage more intimately, making things more memorable.

24/7 Availability

The advantage of video material over traditional training is that employees may access it whenever they want to refresh their memory. Training videos have gained popularity because of their accessibility during peak business hours. Furthermore, if you save your videos in a Learning Management System (LMS), you can ensure that they can be retrieved from any device, anywhere in the world. Additionally, by using video training in conjunction with a learning management system, you can track who has finished what activity and when they completed it, which is not feasible with offline training.

Thanks to this accessibility, training courses may be offered in shorter periods, and lessons can be shared and distributed over many days. This prevents companies from losing personnel for entire days at a time, as is common with traditional training programs.

Boosted Accountability

With employees taking e-learning courses worldwide on their own time, how do you know who has successfully finished the training? This is when combining videos with a corporate LMS or an employee training platform comes in handy. These enable you to track and measure the progress and productivity of each person who participates in the training. You can monitor each employee’s progress. This includes the following:

  • Which training they’ve begun.
  • Which they’ve completed.
  • Which they’re still working on.
  • What needs evaluation.

This type of evaluation aids in determining each employee’s productivity and quality. Assessment quizzes also inform management how well employees have learned information about a particular area. This informs managers whether or not their staff is getting the most out of the learning experience. There’s no doubt that this is why companies should start using training videos. As a result, it allows employees to be rewarded with certificates, points, and ratings. You may also provide a course or test completion certificate through online training sessions as an added benefit to the employee’s productivity, career growth, and job competence.

Increased Productivity

Employees can benefit from corporate training videos and e-learning programs that help them advance in their careers. It also assists with onboarding new workers, allowing them to get a jump start on their workday. Because most people are visual learners, the trend of viewing videos online shows no signs of subsiding. Video training increases employee engagement, knowledge, and retention, leading to greater productivity. Training videos facilitate microlearning by breaking learning down into digestible chunks.

Microlearning is a popular trend in which students, or in this situation -employees, choose small-sized learning modules to interact with learning material. This allows them to focus more on each subject and retain information faster. Sounds exactly like something companies need, right?


According to a recent IBM research, every dollar invested in training yields a $30 return in productivity. IBM saved over $200 million by moving to a digital staff training system. Your business platform may employ cost-effective training videos on an LMS platform for recruit orientation, internal company training, job position-specific training, skill development training, sales improvement, and customer support training. Because they are considerably easier to update and spread among staff, such training sessions save time, effort, and money. In 2017, about 80% of businesses employed online learning platforms, and this figure has continued to rise in recent years.

According to Microsoft, the video portal has lowered classroom training expenditures from about $320 per hour per attendee to around $17. Furthermore, when you invest in a training video, you pay once for a source you may access indefinitely. So, pay once, have access indefinitely vs. pay once (and more!) and have access just that one time. That sounds like a pretty good reason why companies should start using training videos. 

In addition, if you decide to make a business video to market your company, you can do just the one, and the word will spread faster than you might imagine. This is much, much quicker than the traditional marketing tricks. 

Furthermore, you can use the money you save on these training sessions to move your company to a nicer office. Of course, if you opt for this step, there will be many things you as a business owner should keep in mind before moving into a new office space. For the most part, it’s essential to keep your employees in mind, as they will be going through the process with you. After all, they are the ones that are helping you make your business successful, right? 

Final Thoughts 

Today’s technology allows us to skyrocket our businesses in more ways than one. For example, incorporating training videos in your company can help you improve your existing employees’ skills and make the onboarding process so much easier. On top of all this, you’ll save money and have more experienced staff in the end. This sounds like every employer’s dream, right? Well, it is, and it’s possible. This is exactly why companies should start using training videos – they are multi-beneficial!

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