Zach has amazing clients and would love to bring you on-board too! The key to remember about video production is that above all else, it should be fun and enjoyable. Zach truly enjoys both formally and informally brainstorming possibilities with the client. Maybe it’s at the office. Maybe it’s over coffee. Zach’s an idea guy and would love to hear yours, share his, and meet at a point where you don’t just like your video. You love it.

Welcome to Film Real Productions


Zach Wells created Film Real Productions in 2019 because he wants what matters to you to shine, and he wants to use the compelling power of video to make that happen.

Camp Livingston

Zach Wells tells his video clients all the time:
“If this experience isn’t fun, then he’s not doing his job correctly.”

Showcasing what matters most to people, through the power of video, should be an enjoyable endeavor.

It was a thrill for Zach to travel to Camp Livingston in Bennington, Indiana, in the summer of 2022 to highlight what makes the camp such a fun and meaningful experience for all involved.

Thank you to the campers for providing such wonderful perspective, and to the exceptional staff for driving me around from activity to activity, allowing me to fly the drone over the beautiful surroundings and facilitating who should wear the GoPro to capture the best footage possible!

This place is awesome!

Jeremy Wolf

Trinity University hired Film Real Productions in 2022 to make a series of videos to spotlight distinguished alumni of the university.  They were shown at Alumni Weekend festivities in October of 2022.

Jeremy Wolf graduated in 2016, just months after leading the Tigers to a first-ever Division III National Championship in baseball.  Those months played out like something from a Hollywood script, as his lifelong favorite team, the New York Mets, drafted him to play professional baseball.

Wolf played two years in the minor leagues and saw firsthand, responsible for his own equipment and living expenses on a meager salary of $3,000 per year, that the chase for Major League stardom in a farm system took a toll both economically and emotionally.

He started a nonprofit that has raised money for ballplayers in-need.

And now he has shifted his entrepreneurial sights to cultivating mental performance skills in athletes at all levels.

Jeremy Wolf.  He’s quite a guy!  Enjoy the video.

Title IX

Fifty years ago today, President Richard Nixon signed Title IX, a law crafted to create equitable opportunities for both men and women in sports.

The landmark legislation has opened countless doors for young girls and women to pursue their dreams athletically. And, in so doing, obtain a college education.  

In producing this piece, I heard, time and again, stories of young women that would not have gone to college if not for the scholarships offered through athletics.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Northern Kentucky University and student-athletes, coaches and administrators (both past and present) to explore the evolution of Title IX in the athletics program.

I am grateful to all, and to former athletic director Jane Meyer, Dr. Mary Kirk and Hall of Fame basketball coach Nancy Winstel for sharing their time, perspectives, and memorabilia for this video.

This was such a privilege to be a part of.

The May Festival Youth Chorus


The May Festival Youth Chorus is an amazingly talented collection of singers from 8th-12th grades who perform throughout the Cincinnati area. They called on Film Real Productions to capture the essence of what makes them so unique, and to ask more singers to sign on to experience something special.

Dr. Brad Nieder


Film Real Productions traveled to San Diego to catch up with one of our best clients, Dr. Brad Nieder.  Now a comedian, Dr. Nieder delights audiences with his witty blend of intelligent humor and wellness advice.  This is a video postcard from sunny Southern California.

Grassroots & Vines


Take a peek inside Grassroots & Vine, a wonderful eatery in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Zach created this video for owner Barb Thomas to showcase all of its offerings and highlight the support of this community of 17,000 people.

Introducing The Healthy Humorist


We love to have fun at Film Real Productions! One of Zach’s best friends is a doctor and comedian from the Denver area. They teamed up to create a spoof on the motivational videos of the day. Enjoy and laugh. A lot!

Kidney Transplant

On Father’s Day, (and, quite honestly, every day before and after), I am mindful that I am very fortunate to be alive and to make memories with and enjoy the blessings of friends and family.

And it’s thanks to my brother, Matt, who donated a kidney to me in 2018 through the incredible transplant program at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. I was venturing into dangerous territory health-wise and the transplant gave me a second life.

It was an incredible honor to videotape and produce the Transplant Education Video for prospective kidney recipients and donors at Christ Hospital, as there is so much information to digest during the work-up process.

The Christ Hospital has done so much for me, more than I can ever repay, and to have them on board as a client now is just more meaningful than I can express here. 

They were also kind enough to vouch for my work and provide a video testimonial.

Thank you!

75th Anniversary of American Jewish Committee, Cincinnati Chapter

75 years! That’s a long time to make a continuous impact. American Jewish Committee Cincinnati celebrated a milestone birthday and this documentary-style video captures the signature moments that shaped the organization’s identity today.

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